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Class Descriptions
         The beginner class is designed for dogs and/or handlers who have no previous obedience experience. The classes are intentionally kept small in order for the instructor to be able to demonstrate and offer some individual attention. During classes all dogs are kept on lead for all exercises. This class is designed for individuals who wish to begin competing in obedience or just want a dog which is better behaved. Topics and exercises covered are: sit, down, stand stay, come when called, walk on lead. Time is available after class to help any dogs and handlers who may be having a little trouble.
Intermediate - CGC Test
          The intermediate class is for dogs taht have completed the beginner's class and have been determined to be ready for instruction off the lead by the beginner class instructor.  Here is where you will begin to go off lead with your dog continuting on from the beginners class but some of the training will be taught without a leash. This class is also where you may test at the end of the 10 weeks for the Canine Good Citizen Test.  Click the link below for more information on the CGC.
Advanced I
         The Advanced I class is for dogs that have completed the beginner's class and have been determined to be ready for instruction off the lead by the beginner class instructor. Here both the dogs and handlers are pushed to excel and the problem solving of each are tested. This class begins the off lead training which further bonds the two as a team. The topics and exercises covered are: off lead sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, heel off lead. Dogs and handlers that complete intermediate would have learned the fundamental techniques required to compete in Novice obedience.
Advanced II
          The advanced II class is taught almost exclusively off lead and more advanced techniques are taught. This class is designed for those who wish compete in open obedience. Here dogs and handlers are taught the fundamentals to exercises such as retrieve on flat, retrieve over high, broad jump, and out of sight sit and down stays. After completion of the Advanced I class, dog and handler would understand the exercises required to compete in the open class.
Advanced III
          The advanced III class is designed for those who wish to compete in the utility obedience class. During this class dogs and handlers will learn the fundamentals of exercises such as signals, directed jumping, directed retrieval, scent discrimination, moving stand. After completion of this class, the dog and handler would have learned the exercises and techniques to compete in the Utility class.
          Rally is a mix of obedience and agility.  Rally offers three different class levels; Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, and Rally Excellent.  We teach all three levels together.  Some is off lead and some is not.  You go through different patters with signs telling you what to do next.
Beginners classes run for 10 weeks and are $80 a dog. Intermediate and Advanced I-III and Rally run for 10 weeks and are $90 a dog. Classes are limited to 12 dogs, minimum of 5, registration is on a first come first serve bases. To register call (304) 342-8972. 
Dogs 4 mo. and older are welcome but must be up to date on shots as recommended by a vet. BORDETELLA (Kennel Cough) VACCINES ARE REQUIRED!!
Private lessons will also be offered at the discretion of the instructor.
Bill with his girls at Miami Valley Lab Club with Judge: Evelyn Lakes



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